Managing your company's HR responsibilities takes a lot of time and expertise. You didn't start your business to become an HR expert. Allow the HR experts at Sovereign HR to save your time and money.


Why should your business outsource HR? 

  • Save time
  • Save money - costs less than hiring and operating an HR department
  • Protection - we safeguard your company from non-compliance issues
  • Grow your business - you focus on increasing profit, not personnel and payroll
  • Flexibility - your business can expand or reduce the level of services at any time with a phone call

Why Sovereign HR?

  • Sovereign HR provides you with expertise exclusively from SPHR certified personnel specialists.  
  • Your business gains all the HR experience and skill your company needs.
  • Your business will have an assigned SPHR specialist, not a call center of inexperienced HR generalists.  
  • We supply plans, guidance, best practices, and legal requirements, but your business still makes your decisions and controls your operations.

What services does Sovereign HR provide?

  • HR audits
  • Payroll
  • Employee training and recruitment guidance
  • Record keeping 
  • Tailored projects for your business 


How much can you save?

If you think your business can't afford to hire a professional HR company, think again. Business owners are surprised to learn that Sovereign HR can do the work of an entire in-house HR team, with more expertise, for significantly less.

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